Remember everything!


Recall is your personal companion to help you never forget.

Our world is getting busier and we are constantly being overloaded with information, but how do we remember the things that are important?

Recall has been created to help – it is a simple, convenient app to help you create and recall digital memories for everything and anything important to you.

One app...
That will store and recall data, information and actions
That is a permanent memory companion
To set and recall reminders in a quick and easy format
Recall is your personal companion to
help you never forget
Where did I park my car?
What is my wife’s dress size?
When does my Dad need a new supply of his medication?
What is the name of that nice red wine?
Anytime. Anything. Anywhere.
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The Recall team is led by Todd, Tim and Matthew, a group of technology enthusiasts based in Chicago and London who enjoy doing things differently.

Inspired to think differently, the team has pulled together its ideas and asked the question, how can we manage our information overload and remember vital data whenever we need it?

We answered it by creating a new level of convenience and user experience in a most easy-to-use app to help, and Recall was born. We will evolve the product with the help of our users. Our philosophy is that we will listen, we will evolve the product and we will invite participation.


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